About us


STUDIO761 Company is a polish, private investing group engaged in areas of fashion, interior design, art and culture. Established in 2017 as an initiative of friends with artistic soul. It is a place to meet, work and learn for artists from all over the world. Presenting various experiences and seeing the world and art in a different way. This diversity effects our work, creativity and results.

We would like to support You in developing your own style – the way you dress and the space you live and work every day. We bet on original solutions and individual, creative approach. That is why our studio is the place you can meet artists from all genres: fashion, interior design, photography, painting.

We are responsible for our actions. We make sure our work does not harm environment and community. We support initiatives of sustainable development.



Our actions are driven by understanding of other person and their needs. We strive to accomplish results according to our clients needs, what gives us reason to be proud.

We want every product made in our studio to be of highest quality.

We care about transparency of our actions. We try to give full information about our products. Beginning with design, through choosing the materials, up to production we bet on proven solutions. We value artisan craftsmanship. Advanced machines and modern technology support us in our work. Our priority is that the whole process of production would take place in Poland. We co-work with local craftsmen.